A combination of technical-mathematical and social skills enables me to deal with a wide spectrum of topics.

Diploma in Civil Engineering, Theory of Constructions
Moscow Civil Engineering University, Russia
Licentiate in English Literature and Linguistics, German Linguistics
University of Basel, Switzerland
Doctorate in Philology
University of Basel, Switzerland


Katkin Consulting
Project Management – From the first idea to its successful implementation and beyond…
Basel, 2018
16 pages
18 x 25 cm
Communicate a Project Successfully
Katkin Consulting – Project Management
Basel, 2017
28 pages
20.9 x 29.5 cm
Das ist nicht Natur, sondern Kulisse.
Das Bild der Schweiz in der Russischen Presse 2000-2004
Éditions Berlepsch, Basel, 2008
256 pages
16.5 x 22.5 cm