Areas of Expertise

  • Organizational Transformation
  • Post-Merger Integration
  • Project Management
  • Business Process Analysis and Optimization
  • Communication and Change Management

Organizational Transformation

Effectively balancing out minimal efforts against maximal results, I supported my clients in organizational transformation and re-structuring.

The aim of the Global IT Transformation Program in sites in the European Union, North America and Asia was to bring IT Business to a new operational level, thus enabling customer service through technology and securing IT projects delivery on time, on budget and up to the highest standard.

Global Pharma Technical Operations project in the company’s sites across continents had the business objective to seamlessly transition new products from development to commercialization more effectively and reliably and with higher acceptability to Health Authorities.

“In a project of this size and complexity, strong project management expertise, professionalism, and great dedication are required to keep all the pieces moving forward and bring the solutions to a smooth closure. Svetlana was the day-to-day driver for multiple parts of our initiative and kept the project threads together across functions and locations. She proved to be an important part of our overall success and I am glad she was on our team.”
Pharma Technical Operations Project Leader, Pharmaceutical Industry

Post-Merger Integration

Having contributed decisively to a major integration program, I developed a systematic, people-oriented approach balancing different sectors’ demands in order to determine most effective/efficient solutions, ultimately leading towards a high-performance organization.

Integration of an American company into one of the world’s major pharmaceutical companies was very successful and for me personally a highly intensive and exciting experience.

“Svetlana contributed profoundly to one of the quickest integrations in the history of the company on time and under budget. She was my right hand: dedicated, professional and highly competent.”
Sub-Region Head, Pharmaceutical Industry

Project Management

Managing global complex projects and coming up with an approach tailored to my clients’ needs, this is what I have been doing for over 20 years.

Country Requirement Database, a highly visible and complex project, was set to enable smooth and sustainable management of country requirements for regulatory submissions.

“Svetlana was the heart of our project. Keeping a cool head in the most challenging situations, she helped the project team to rationalize the volatility and complexity through a consistency of approach, confidence and effective prioritization. I enjoyed working with her and want to thank her for a great commitment and dedication.”
Regulatory Business Project Lead for IT Project, Pharmaceutical Industry

Business Process Analysis and Optimization

Complex, multifunctional projects, such as organizational transformations, post-merger integrations or IT projects have a massive impact on business processes. By addressing the questions outlined, I helped my clients to bring clarity in the midst of uncertainty and ambiguity.

The Pharma Technical Operations team was chartered to enhance technical site transfers of new large molecule products from clinical to commercial production, including drug substance, drug products and analytical methods.

“Svetlana’s ability to see things through to completion and even beyond, her proactive, clearly structured and result-oriented working manner meant for the Large Molecule solution smooth delivery, strong outcomes and powerful completion.”
Large Molecule Solution Lead, Pharmaceutical Industry

Communication and Change Management

The project implementation phase needs a critical mass of people to be committed to the change, to learn new behaviours and to sustain them willingly.

While working on a big variety of highly complex projects, I developed a successful, well-proven communication model. Depending on the project phase, it focuses on stakeholders’ needs balancing out minimal efforts against maximal results.

“As former Head of Marketing Communication and several years’ colleague of Svetlana Berlepsch with today’s world market leader in implant dentistry, I have always been impressed by her outstanding analytical intelligence as well as her methodically well-organized approach, her determination and her high quality awareness. Her openness to alternatives applicable on a project-by-project basis and her exceptional persistence in pursuit of and achievement of project goals clearly raise Ms Berlepsch’s competencies above those of average <problem solvers>.”
Head of Marketing Communication, Implant Dentistry